Empower your screens.

Brickz.tv is a new online platform that gives you the power to communicate and interact with your customers wherever you want. Create a powerful screen to inform your customers or create an engaging interactive experience.

Let your visitors interact.

Let your customers influence the information on your screen by participating with their mobile devices. Whether it is sending a photo to the screen, voting on a poll or leaving a review, customers have a multitude of ways to interact with your screen.

Interact with the screen with mobile devices
Easily manage your screens

Easily manage your screens.

Explore the possibilities to create your own screen by assembling it brick by brick and applying your own styling. After building your screen, easily maintain and schedule the content to be displayed.

Choose your
own implementation.

From presenting local information in your hotel lobby, to voting on the next song at a festival or even creating an interactive presentation for your exhibition. You decide how you want to implement Brickz.

Choose your own
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Interactive narrowcasting.

For the visitors of the Rabobank we created an interactive narrowcasting screen where customers can vote on a poll, leave a review or put themselves on the cover of a Rabobank folder using our Covercam.

For the employees we created a second screen with custom bricks like the birthdays and anniversary brick, as well as some overlapping bricks like a calendar and announcements brick.


Reception mediawall.

For the Biesbosch 225 we created a reception mediawall consisting of various bricks to provide information to the visitors and offices. This screen provides information like:

  • Announcements
  • Public transport
  • Traffic

Q-hotel Covercam.

At the Q-hotel visitors had the possibility to put themselves on the cover of a magazine and share it with their friends. The magazine contained a Twitter feed, photos, videos and general information.


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